Cartuja Scientific and Technological Park

The Cartuja Scientific and Technological Park is an area of excellence, available to the Andalusian Knowledge System, which allows the development and synergy of a group of science and technology companies, organizations and entities, which, through the implementation of R+D+I activities, promote the development, competitiveness and economic, cultural and social progress of the environment.

The Cartuja STP comprises a broad range of scientific and technological entities, sports, cultural and leisure areas:

- Scientific-business area: this comprises advanced technologies companies, advances technologies, research centers, business schools and public institutions to support for Innovation, as well as business associations. This area, together with the university, makes up the majority of the Cartuja STP and occupies the central section. Avenida Marie Curie, with the emblematic bio-climatic sphere, divides the area dedicated to these activities into two parts.

- University area: comprising the Higher Technical School of Engineering and the Telecommunications Faculty, both of the University of Seville. In the School of Engineering, one of the most prestigious in the country, seven degree courses are offered: Industrial Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Electrical Engineering and Automation, Industrial Management Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering.

- Cultural area: The buildings used for the extensive cultural offerings are distributed throughout the Cartuja STP. The Central Theater, the Andalusian Contemporary Art Center, the Foundation for the brotherhood of Mediterranean cultures, the Rocío Jurado Auditorium and the new space which SGAE is constructing are worth note.

- Sports and leisure area: Located in the north of the STP, the sports area includes the Olympic Stadium (also the headquarters of technological companies), padel tennis courts, indoor football, athletics, rugby, rowing and a golf course. This area of the Park is completed by the Parque del Alamillo leisure areas the Isla Mágica Theme Park.

All these areas offer professionals, scientists, and technologists a place of excellence in which to work, with a new urban design, a design for the future. A unique creativity has been displayed in the buildings and spaces that have been constructed over recent years, as well as those that are currently being built. As well as aesthetic criteria, designs also include other valuable and indispensable features: energy efficiency and sustainability.

The Scientific and Technological Park has a buildable area of 497,809 square meters. This buildable area will soon include a further 123,064 square meters, corresponding to Avenida Carlos III (where 94,811 m² of buildable land has been secured) and on the eastern boundary of the Camino de los Descubrimientos, (28,253 m²). After this expansion the Park will have a total buildable area of almost 620,000 square meters.